Can also mix in with other herbal teas such as: - Allspice - Anise - Burdock - Chamomile - Elderberry -Fennel - Ginger - Raspberry - Tila

Dr. Sebi Alkaline Food List

Styling gel:

*Apply to damp hair
1/2 sea moss gel
1/2 cup of water
Let it dissolve in hot water
Add oils ( grapeseed, avocado or coconut etc)
Add 1 tsp raw honey
Combine all together
Then add essential oils for fragrance
Part hair and add above products to each section.

Deep conditioner:

Mix sea moss gel, a deep conditioner, grapeseed oil and an essential fragrance and add to hair.
For all hair types: Afro/kinky hair apply to the scalp 3 times a week. For caucasian/other hair types apply once after every shampoo regimen.