Antonette is a Lupus Warrior who has been fighting since 2007. She has been through many ups and downs, from fighting for her life in 2018 from a huge PE ( pulmonary embolism), blood clot to the lungs that caused her to lose half of her right lung, getting two blood transfusions and catching the flu while being hospitalized but that didn’t stop her. Since being diagnosed, she’s been in remission and continues to LIVE the life she wants to live. Happy, Healthy and Whole.
Antonette started her business ( Live. Love. Juice)  in ‪2016 after visiting Dr.‬ Sebi’s USHA Village in Honduras and learning about all of the products that Live. Love. Juice currently carries. Through extensive researching on self and autoimmune diseases she discovered many other herbs that help rejuvenate the body. These particular products helped her so well, she thought why not provide them for others that are trying to manage their illness naturally or just want to live a healthier lifestyle.
What is Live. Love. Juice?
Live. Love. Juice enlightens new health through vitamins and minerals sourced from Sea Moss ( Irish Moss ) and provides herbal supplements and natural goodies that help build the immune system and aligns the mind, body and spirit.

Words to live by from Antonette:
Everything starts with a seed, it takes nurturing, dedication, time and patience for things to blossom. Keep growing Lovies!