How much sea moss gel can you consume daily?

Can consume up to 3-4 cups of sea moss daily 


what is the shelf life for the sea moss gel?

Shelf life: 2- 3 weeks ( keep refrigerated)

*Note all jars have an EXPIRATION date on them and that is the date in which the sea moss gel will expire. we recommend that you do not consume after that date. However, you can use your best judgement when applying to skin, shampoos or lotions beyond the expiration date


where is the sea moss sourced?

our sea moss is raw and wildcrafted and sourced from the atlantic ocean


how many capsules of the sea moss & bladderwrack mix can be consumed daily?

Take 1 capsule daily at anytime


what is the difference between the sea moss capsules and sea moss gel? which one is better?

They both have the same benefits, however, the capsules are more for people that are "on the go" and the sea moss gel can be used in different ways and Is more potent than the capsules. You can you the gel in teas, smoothies and as a face mask


is it safe to take both the capsules and the gel during the same time?

Yes, they are both natural herbal supplements


how often can you use the sea moss gel as a face mask?

anytime! however, if you have skin issues, daily or every other day use would be recommended until it improves. then proceed to once or twice a week


how long does shipping take?

Orders are processed and shipped monday - thursday via usps within 3-7 business days. orders placed on weekends or holidays will be processed the following business day. Once order has been processed and shipped, you will receive tracking information via email.

*Note once your order has been shipped and confirmed by usps that it has been delivered to your location and you have not RECEIVE your package, we recommend that you contact your local usps postal office and provide them with your tracking information so that they are able to further assist you.

It is important that the customer provides l.l.j with the correct shipping information, including apartment, suite, floor or unit number. If your package gets returned back to us because of the wrong shipping address, we will be happy to send off a one time courtesy jar, however, the customer will have to pay a shipping fee for being REDELIVERed.  


How is the Sea Moss gel shipped?

The Sea moss gel is refrigerated and carefully packaged

*Note refrigerate upon arrival